Group Responsible Production (Slicing)

Job description

In this role you will be responsible for the optimal functioning of the production line so that maximum efficiency, performance and delivery performance is achieved. Here you take into account the existing internal standards, budget and quality requirements imposed by customers and external – / internal systems (including HACCP, BRC, IFS, safety and environment). In the evening service you are also responsible for the entire factory.

Your tasks include among others

  • Managing production workers and line manager
  • Monitor and optimize the cutting lines with respect to efficiency and profitability
  • Ensure the correct cutting quality, appropriate packaging and proper labeling
  • Ensure implementation of the production Instructing, training and coaching of production workers in technical fields
  • Cooperation with technical service regarding necessary repairs and maintenance in the evening shift coordinating and directing other departments
  • Coordinate and ensure the cleaning and desifectie of workspaces, equipment and tools in the evening shift
  • Provide a clean and hygienic environment 

Reports to: Production Manager.

Aplică pt. job aici: Group Responsible Production (Slicing)


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